I got an Aim today!!

Hi everyone!

As long as I can remember, my fondness for animation dates back to being a child. I have always loved the cartoons on TV and try to watch them whenever I get a chance. I think cartoons were the main reason for me to start tracking time and day so that I don’t miss the latest broadcast (there were no DVR’s to record stuff back than…).

My recent move to States without job is stressful for me in every aspect. Be it family or relationships, communication, being social, personal growth everything is getting impacted. Adding to that, is my need and anxiety to find a job. With my last job, the freedom and independence I got, I am getting too desperate of a good job here and start earning. I want a job not just for money but my personal satisfaction too…To feed my creativity and be feel productive.

So, Today while watching another Pixar movie (watching animation is always stress buster for me) after the movie ends there were interviews and behind-the-scenes shots of the movie. They included the whole movie making process through director’s seat.

While watching library rented dvd of Toy Story, it just clicked that I love animation so much and deep within I always wanted to be an animator. But then the effort to clear GRE/GMAT(whatever is required to get admission) and applying for animation course or anxiety to change my line of work or say devote 3-5 yrs to build a resume in animation was something I always shrug my shoulder at.

However, Today I feel that spark, that urge to really aim for it, to see things differently, that it is just matter of me working for things I want to make happen. I can remain working as current profile and start gathering knowledge for my ultimate goal. Than maybe with money I earn over time and experience, I will be able to achieve my interest and land on something concrete.

Today I am feeling alive, happy and that go-for-it feel to work and  prove myself that I can achieve what I desired.

I wish you all have the your dream jobs.

Sanjna Rai.


First blog post

being in solitude and self-induced depression for a year or so, and now after reconnecting to my own self while being with friends and family I am trying to get out of the void and have a fresh look at life.

I have created this site in a hope that writing down my feelings, beliefs and thoughts and sharing with you all might motivate me to do better in life.

I want to have a sort of personal catalog to record how my thinking change with time and situation and maybe someday I might learn from my experience and grow as a person.

In a quest to learn about technology, God, or gathering knowledge about things and people around us, I want to learn more about myself who I am, why do I act the way I act. Simply putting, I now want to be true to myself and learn.

so I am not hoping to have a lot of views or comments or growth in my writing skills.

It is just that I am trying to Voice my thoughts so one day maybe I can evaluate that if I meet my own self would I like her and if not then why.

I believe in love and only love can help us all but before longing for it we need to learn to give love.

Sanjna Rai.