First blog post

being in solitude and self-induced depression for a year or so, and now after reconnecting to my own self while being with friends and family I am trying to get out of the void and have a fresh look at life.

I have created this site in a hope that writing down my feelings, beliefs and thoughts and sharing with you all might motivate me to do better in life.

I want to have a sort of personal catalog to record how my thinking change with time and situation and maybe someday I might learn from my experience and grow as a person.

In a quest to learn about technology, God, or gathering knowledge about things and people around us, I want to learn more about myself who I am, why do I act the way I act. Simply putting, I now want to be true to myself and learn.

so I am not hoping to have a lot of views or comments or growth in my writing skills.

It is just that I am trying to Voice my thoughts so one day maybe I can evaluate that if I meet my own self would I like her and if not then why.

I believe in love and only love can help us all but before longing for it we need to learn to give love.

Sanjna Rai.


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