Depth is a word with so many meanings, so many aspects and so many emotions.

Depth can be related to physical or say geographical meaning where the understanding is numeral and quiet clear. Depth can go deep deep into emotions where understanding the true feelings is difficult.

All of us have a depth in our character, the level to what things make sense. The level till where things are right and beyond what they start going wrong. It is different for everyone and sometimes so opposite that understanding the person just seems impossible. For what is wrong for us is right for other. and I believe, somewhere, it is a result of our experiences, the situations we faced, the values we grew up with and the number of times we have tested those values. I think this is what creates a depth in a person.

As I am talking about depth in human nature, I am also relating it with one other thing we often talk. ART!


Art in any form. Like the above sketch I drew on a plane paper has depth and an added dimension. Be it a canvas paints, be it theatrical, be it dance, sculpting or anything that we do. I think all hobbies have a certain level of depth too. The depth of your passion. The depth to which you can relate yourself with a particular activity. The depth of feeling, satisfaction, emotion, peacefulness you experience while doing it.

Depth can take any form good, bad, evil, wonderful anything that you make it. Like depth of love felt by a mother for her children, or depth of sadness when you lose someone , or depth of anger when you experience injustice. or  lets feel the depth of happiness when you see a blooming flower, the depth of calmness while meditating, the depth of awe when you see some great wonder like think of seeing Northern lights across sky.

Writing about the word ‘Depth’ today I think I gained an insight, a little more understanding of myself. It is like knowing how much I love some things and how much time I have wasted not doing anything for it.

I think from now onward I will make a difference to identify and achieving the things I love. And So Will You!

God Bless.

Sanjna Rai


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