Yet another word presented by The Daily Post to ponder over!

It sounds so simple and yet so difficult to attain in its fullest. What do you say who is carefree? Birds, Animals, our pets or We – humans? I think nobody is.

After all, birds and animals have to forage for food for themselves and their little ones. Be it any weather. Pets are always attentive and they have an unsaid rule in their little brains to protect us. However distress the situation is.

Carefree in its literal meaning is to be free from anxiety or responsibility, to be peaceful at heart. The condition where nothing can bother us or our peacefulness. Not the monthly bills, not the credit card bills, not the kids’ sickness and not even a simple act as timely grocery shopping. It is next to impossible.

In today’s world, to be carefree needs self awareness and a lot of organisation. We need to be Self-aware in terms of our income, expenses and our resources; Organised enough that the things happens on scheduled time. It has zeroed down to simple flawless management and being ready for almost all risks the life would present to us.

We often relate the word with one’s nature and nowadays there is a very thin line between being carefree and careless. I sometimes think, does anyone exist in our world who is truly carefree, who is truly happy at heart and tension free? Is there any person who is content with his own, no burden of finances or worries of dependents? If there is, then that’s the person I would like to be – Carefree.

I think a person who is always on vacation, roam all around the world and click pictures of interesting places would be the one. Don’t you think!?

But then, Does he acquire the state all by his own. or the work of people surrounding him is also in play. Such as his/her parents have saved enough or say planned good enough to live happily, siblings are all well settled, he/she never fell in love with wrong person and if she does she came out stronger. She has acquired enough skills to cope the bad situations or circumstances. I mean that’s a lot of dependency.

Now let’s consider a guy with family of four. A happy family. Kids doing good in school and wife efficiently managing home. This is, I guess, 70% of families today. For this guys to be carefree, he first of all should have enough to meet all desires of kids and wife and his own. Secondly, should be skilled enough to be in good terms with his boss and colleagues. Thirdly, should be adventurous enough to break the boring monotony of life.

And I think this is all we are working for to achieve in life. To be carefree, to be free, the ultimate happiness.

Some would say, being carefree is just a matter of positive attitude. You don’t worry about petty things and there you go, you are carefree. Contend and happy with life. But my friend, that is not easy. Having a healthy positivism is good but focusing so hard on positive that you miss the negatives, or risks building up, can shatter you.

I am trying to be Carefree. Working on my sketches, looking and capturing things through lens, reading non-fiction etc. It has given me peace but still the state of carefree-ness is far ahead.

Let me know what do you do to be carefree and calm. I would love to try new things (as I have lots of spare time!)

Have a Good day!

Sanjna Rai







6 thoughts on “Carefree

  1. Wonderful post. For me, I try to surround myself with good friends, always be in tune with the love of my family, create beauty (through art, photography, and writing) and spend as much time as I can with nature. Never carefree, but I have learned to celebrate the little things in life.

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  2. I love to sketch and write too. But that’s not what makes me carefree. I sketch and write to let it go, to let my feelings into Words and visuals. For being carefree,I don’t bother myself with lotss of pressure, past, guilt. All these come to me when I allow them. Especially don’t attach yourself too much with anything or anyone. Enjoy the beauty around you and love yourself the most. 🙂


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