Cherry on top-Dandelions!

Dandelions have always been a gateway to mystical, whimsical world for me. A flower which is visited by fairies regularly. Listening to their talks about daily usual happenings in the Fairy Village. Its seeds being used as umbrella in rain or the petals as threads to stitch small delicate dresses for fairy Princesses and Queen. Only if I could be tinier and enter into this world. I would have never returned.(dreamy eyes)

I am always on lookout for such nooks and corners which takes me to the fantasy land. Capturing dandelions, mushrooms, fairy rings are my favorite. This picture was captured on one such photo walk. With seed on top of already beautiful dandelion, this is surely a Cherry On Top picture for me.


I hope you would like it. Let me know your thoughts.

Sanjna Rai


P.S: It was hard to focus on both seed and flower. I am trying to have a more steady hand.



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