‘Maybe’ on Our Existence!

Maybe, we are just an amuse game on God’s Mobile, just like the ones we play. And time and again, God just got busy with another lives in game while ours’ turn bad and we pray for His blessings.

Maybe, like we can’t hear the dolphin’s communication frequency, there are small invisible creatures, God’s helpers, who sits on our shoulders and keep account of all the good and bad things we do in our lifetime.

Maybe God is really one cute chubby kindhearted man who is just interested in creating sculptors while demon turns them into life and sends on earth to play brutal life game.

Maybe fairies are real. Some good and some notorious. The good ones who actually change seasons and help animals and others just stealing away our small-important things to be found years later at completely unimaginable place. 🙂

Maybe there are two parallel universes to ours, one where everything happens few seconds after and other where everything is happening a few moments ahead. And somewhere between all three universes there is an overlap when actions pass from one universe to other. And Maybe one day we could travel across.

Maybe I already have published this article years ago in some other universe. Or maybe I am some other species there, like rabbit or a bird or a bee…aahh that would be so tiring.

I am getting so involved in this alter universes. I need to stop thinking about or maybe I got transported to one of them during sleep tonight. I hope not. 🙂

Hope to see you guys tomorrow here.

Sanjna Rai.



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