Nature’s Lessons!

I clicked below pictures a while ago, when after snowfall, icicles were melting in my patio. All the birds were out to find food and lazy me bundled in my cozy blanket thought of grabbing the camera in hope to click some shots of fresh sunny day.

It was the day full of Surprises, which I learnt only after downloading the pics on laptop.

Sharing them with you guys through this wonderful Photo Challenge. Enjoy!

1. Crave for Perfection

Nature’s Symmetry is everywhere. Be it formation of a perfect sphere when water drips from icicles, or the creation of beautiful unique pattern when it explodes at the surface.


2. Only Human make conscious effort to kill Time

Birds usually seem to hop around aimlessly but this shot change the assumption. See how thoughtful and wise this bird looks while contemplating its next move…eh hop!


3. What is Destined will reach You

During snowfall I put out some rice seeds for birds in hope to help them. After so many days, It was a pleasant surprise to see a bird digging through snow and finding rice seed destined for it.


Share your thoughts and learning you received from Mother Nature. I would love to hear them.

Have a Cheerful spring!!!

Sanjna Rai.


Out of dark tunnel, under the open Sky!

The last three months that I haven’t written, have been quite eventful. Though my last post was very heavy and I was dealing with those things for long time, but I must tell you those are the things of past now. Things have changed and I bet they have changed for good.

For starters, I have a job now. Yayyyyyy! A full time one. It is not what I am educated for, but It is far better than sitting idle at home surrounded by tv, mobile, Xbox and all sorts of time killing-virtual world gadgets.

I am all pumped up with positive energy. My job involves meeting a lot of people daily. So I have a lot of different personalities to talk too, a lot of things to learn about, and lot of situations to deal with. I was bit nervous on my first day, but now after two weeks I am happy as a lark.

It is like finally,  I have started living in States. I too have opinion on things because now I know a thing or two on my own. Now I have my personal experiences to about and not just what my husband shared. Now I do not shy away from asking questions about things I don’t know compared to times I used to stay quiet thinking people might consider me dumb. Now I take my time to frame sentences rather than blabbering words hastily.

Just two weeks in and I am more positive person now, more organized, more sorted out, more confident.

I am out of the dark tunnel I have been in for two years. I can feel the green grass under my feet and see the birds flying high in blue sky. I am now trying to get used to the sunlight and fresh air. I am nervous and excited both at the same time. I don’t want the fear and anxiety I am feeling with this huge change to make me crawl back in dark, cold tunnel. I can see so many new things and opportunities surrounding me. But I am shy to grab them yet. I want to take it slow and be prepared before jumping on one. I don’t know how past two years have changed me personally. I am yet to know myself once again and gain that confidence.

However bad was my experience in last two years, One thing I know for sure now, and that is that I know what path I don’t want to traverse again in lifetime. I learnt that a hard way but knowing this is good enough to keep me going.

Lesson learnt: Take decisions really thoughtfully and Always have a backup plan.

I hope you all have a good life.

Sanjna Rai